Faces of the Game


The Trilogy

“Faces of the Game” initially explains the urban lifestyle of many young and often gaudy adolescents.  It originated from lifestyles that are experienced and or whitnessed in the urban communities across America  while transitioning from being a teenager to being a young adult.  Female stair-step cousins partying VIP style and dating a clique of young men with “hood-status” takes an interesting turn when love, loyalty and bonds are risked.

Things aren’t always what they seem, and lavish habits gained immorally are always interrupted one way or another.  “Faces of the Game 2” goes deeper into the karmatic outcome of drug dealing and living what seems to be the ultimate lifestyle.  From being hood rich to being dead broke, the characters reveal demoralizing situations that force them to survive by any means necessary.  Lovers turn their backs on one another because of trying situations, loyalty is nearly foreign as it’s tested with trials.

As the characters grow their preferences, surroundings and lifestyles change.  “Faces of the Game 3” will show how indecisive, trying and hard true love can be…  Will Chelle fight for the love of her ex who was recently released from Prison or will she stand firm on moving on with her new success driven boyfriend who comes with a lot of baggage?

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